In the promotions section of Liberty Slots Casino's website, you can find a couple of lucrative bonus perk categories. These bonus perk categories are tournaments, Liberty rewards, weekly rewards, the Booster bonus, rewards points, free bonuses, and Mystic Gems. Below, we tell you more about how you can benefit from each of these Liberty Slots Casino bonus perks.

Become a Big Winner during Tournament Matches

Each month, this casino platform organizes more than 150 thrilling tournament matches. By participating in these tournament matches against other players, you can win lucrative instant casino credit rewards and honorable mentions. There are tournaments for various types of casino games, and there is also a variety of prize pools. Via the promotions overview page, you can go to the tournament lobby. In that lobby, you can find more details about all the organized matches and register for the ones that spark your interest the most.

Climb the Liberty Rewards Club Ranks to Claim Exclusive Gifts

Via the Liberty Slots Rewards club, you can win lots of bonus perks. This rewards club has a total of six levels. Each higher-level brings along better perks, such as a 20% bonus reward on all of your real money casino deposits every day or a 100% bonus gift on your first casino credits purchase each Friday.

The six levels that you need to go through as a member of the exclusive rewards club are Amber Player, Bronze Player, Silver Player, Gold Player, Platinum Player, and Diamond Player. You will automatically start your journey at the lowest rank (the Amber level) when you make a first minimum deposit of $25.00.

From there on, you can start to earn reward (comp) points by placing real money wagers on the casino's games. Once you own a certain amount of comp points, you will automatically climb to a higher rewards club level. The perks and bonuses available at that level will then also become within reach.

Increase Your Casino Bankroll with the Help of Weekly Rewards

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can significantly increase the casino credits in your bankroll with the help of exclusive deposit bonuses. On Wednesdays, you can claim a 50% bonus that connects to your first real money deposit of the day. On Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can redeem a 75% bonus that matches with your first deposit of the day. Lastly, on Friday, you can collect a 100% match bonus when you proceed to make your first real money deposit of the day. You can redeem these weekly deposit bonuses in the cashier section of the casino.

Claim Free Spins by Making Use of a Booster Bonus

The Booster Bonus is a perk from the casino that lets you claim free spins on top of your bonus rewards. To receive these complimentary spins, you need to increase your deposit amounts. If you are curious to learn more about the Booster bonus perk from this casino platform, you have to get in contact with its customer support team.

Collect Rewards Points That Can Greatly Increase Your Casino Profits

Comp points not only help you climb the ranks of this casino's rewards club, but you can also redeem them for actual credits if you have a certain number of them in your possession. You earn these points by placing wagers on games that are available at the casino. Each type of game that grants you comp points in exchange for real money wagers has its rates. For example, you earn the most by playing Slots and Keno games with real money (160 rewards points for $100 in bets).

Your current rewards club level also determines how quickly you will earn comp points. You start to receive the comp points at a rate of 1x with the Amber level, and once you reach the Diamond level, that rate will become 1.6x. Once you have enough rewards points in your pockets, you can redeem them at the casino's cashier section. The minimum number of accumulated points you can redeem is 2.000, which means $2.00 in casino credits.

Nothing Is Better Than Receiving Free Casino Bonuses

Free bonuses are also at the table when you become a member of this casino and make the minimum deposit required to reach Amber level in the rewards club. That action will grant you $20.00 in free to use chips without there being the need to make an extra deposit. You can redeem these free chips in the cashier section with the instant coupon code LIBGIV12. It gets better because you can use this coupon twelve times per year (once per month). That means you will receive a total of $240.00 in free chips during those 12 months.

Things get even better for you at this casino when you start to gamble and earn comp points because more free bonus rewards become available for each subsequent level of the rewards club you reach. Make sure to check out the free bonus coupons section on the website to see the no deposit bonus details for each rewards club level.

Claim Additional Free Spins with the Mystic Gems Bonus Coupon Code

Last but certainly not least, Liberty Slots Casino currently offers you the opportunity to claim no less than 100 complimentary spins with a unique bonus code. You can claim this 100 free spins gift with the instant coupon code 100GEMS. Make sure you claim this bonus today so that you can start to play for free and boost your casino credit bankroll at the same time.

Learn More about the Promotions That Are Available at This Casino

If you like to learn more terms and conditions details from all the bonus perks available at this casino platform, make sure that you check out its promotions section. Each bonus category in that promotions section has a button you can click on for more information. With all these generous offers on the table, you will probably not think twice about creating a player account and making real money bets at Liberty Slots Casino.